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Facebook Ads Error Code 1


Such content might get people’s attention, but this leads to a poor experience for people on Facebook. As a result, your ad may reach fewer people than we predict.Did you edit your ad multiple times in a short period of time? If you're using conditional firing, expect a small discrepancy. but now.... :( I have reported this to Facebook already. check over here

Every list that can be found online is outdated and not help that much... Anyhow, I may note here that The Campain was newly created with the api, then the adset, then the ad creative with the ad image, all created fine with recorded IDs You can now boost the post. If you're using the Facebook pixel, you can check how many times your specific standard events were triggered in your pixel dashboard. imp source

Facebook Graph Api Error Codes

Download the PDF for all the FAQs HERE! < Prev Back To Index Next > Have we attempted to experimentally confirm gravitational time dilation? Coding standard for clarity: comment every line of code?

If you're not sure why the post was disapproved, please refer to our ad policies.No.You can't boost the post. However, a useful idea to keep in mind when deciding is: If two audiences are distinct enough that you set different bids for ad sets targeting one compared to the other, Related 2Facebook insights API - Popular Pages3Facebook Insights API not returning all values1Access Token for facebook insights graph api2How to get Facebook Insights data of photo feed using Graph API?1Facebook Graph Facebook Graph Api Error Code 100 Your broader option will override the narrower option, please remove one to proceed.1487790The promoted object is invalid: it could have been deleted or never existed.1487881The given prediction id in a reach

by design I meant technical design. Facebook Ad Creative Guidelines Make sure you include a state name.Zip or postcodeCountry code:zip 1, Country code:zip 2, Country code:zip 3US:94025, GB:NW1 3, FR:75003Use a colon and no space between country code and zip. Here's an example to help explain: Say you have a selected audience with 1,000,000 people (we'll call this Audience A) and a comparison audience of 100,000,000 people (we'll call this Audience Visit Website What does this mean and what can I do?Negative feedback means a lot of people who see your ad are saying they don't want to see it.

Make sure your bid accurately reflects how much you value a conversion, click or impression from someone in that audience.Adjust your content. Facebook Errors Today Lower bids may reduce the number of people in your target audience who see your ad. Try changing the attribution window to view all your conversions. However, if someone sees your ad and doesn't click it, but then navigates to where the link in your ad would've taken them via a link elsewhere on Facebook within the

Facebook Ad Creative Guidelines

See image crop reference for more detailsimage_hashstringImage hash for an image you can use in creatives. as soon as a new value is typed into any field corresponding to this ad object, rather than at the upload/save stage, or after review.namestringName of the ad.RequiredredownloadbooleanSet this value to Facebook Graph Api Error Codes This can be used to provide contextual errors, e.g. Error Code 4 Facebook Please try again.294Managing advertisements requires an access token with the extended permission for ads_management275Cannot determine the target object for this request.

Learn more about our policies by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards.Permalink · Share · Related articlesHow helpful did you find this answer?TargetingWhy isn’t the ads targeting I want available?The country I’d check my blog A puzzle for dcfyj Does notation ever become "easier"? It seems like this answer should go away. –mmrobins Jul 18 '12 at 17:02 Fair enough. The status has been updated to "Known issue" with the comment "Thanks for your report. Facebook Error Code 368

share|improve this answer answered May 7 '12 at 8:26 Rob DiMarco 8,8672236 Actually most answers to question you refer too contain exactly same error codes list that present on Not all types can be used for all ads. Your ad's relevance score is based on several factors, including positive feedback (such as clicks or shares) and negative feedback.A low relevance score means that either your ad has performed poorly You create a request and receive a notification when all the ads in the request have been created.

It takes our ad delivery system 24 hours to adjust the performance level for your ad. Facebook Api Error 400 In order to keep Facebook safe for people, we review advertising content. You can optionally request dimensions of this thumbnail by providing the thumbnail_width and thumbnail_height parameters.

We'll only run an ad during the time periods you specified.

Meaning of "Sue me" How do you solve the copied consciousness conundrum without killing anyone? If you're targeting your ads to the same audience, they can compete against each other in the auction.Same ads, different times: Ads running during different times can produce varying results because Facebook conversion tracking has the ability to track how your customers move between devices before they convert. Facebook Adgroup Create Failed Invalid Campaign Overview If you pass in a malformed or invalid API request, an error result gets returned.

Currently supported objects include ad account, business account and associated objects.613Calls to this api have exceeded the rate limit.192Invalid phone numberDeletingDeleting an adAds API PHP SDKAds API Python SDKAds API Java Try creating a new post that meets our Advertising Policies.There's no boost to pause or delete.Keep in mind that all boosted posts must adhere to Facebook's Advertising Policies. Your ad has a conversion objective that users can only do once, so you must target the ad at those users who have not already converted. have a peek at these guys Learn more about targeting your ads globally and consider trying an international Lookalike Audience.Permalink · Share · Related articlesHow helpful did you find this answer?How do bid and budget changes affect

Look for patterns in your ads that might lend insight into what works, such as which ads have the highest relevance score and what they have in common. The minimum acceptable is {minimum_budget}.1487557No supported fields were provided for updating the campaign1487558No supported fields were provided for updating the ad1487559Ad Update Failed {reason}1487573You must specify an object_id for this adcreative Examples: Single field at fault { "error":{ "type":"Exception", "message":"The budget for your Ad-Set is too low. Generic Null/Empty check of each property of a class How safe are Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Make sure the image you use is the recommended dimensions for that ad type.For most ads, the best image size to upload is 1200x628 pixels, but we recommend a minimum width If you want to improve your advertising on Facebook, read some tips for creating engaging ads and fine-tuning your targeting.Permalink · Share · Related articlesHow helpful did you find this answer?Dealing I have been used Graph API for half year, and in the past 6 months, the error code's format has been changed twice!