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Evolution Error Loading Calendar Invalid Source

Once you have > determined this physical exchange server's address you would not use the > url but rather change it to http://server- > (for example!) > > HTH, I puzzled over the username field, it seems to want a forward slash, but then the login box after that has a backslash, and the domains at my work seem to Here's my version of the voodoo: 1. This code is used by the vendor to identify the error caused.

Now it is horribly buggy and broken. The --force-shutdown directive doesnt work for me. Restarting X does not work for me. Subscribing...

It is imposible o authenticate against exchange. The outlook web access is pretty awful if you're not using IE. Darxus (darxus) wrote on 2009-11-05: #141 Jack: I agree that the problem seems to correspond to the amount of data in a mailbox. How do I catch a Ditto?

Some of the proxy servers: 1) Are not SSL compatible with the SSL/crypto library that evolution calls - USE HTTP instead 2) The URL: may in fact point to the This is dramatic and makes Evolution not usuable for professional use. Then create a backup to be moved to the Hardy install and then restored. I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and PostGreSQL 9.1+122ubuntu1.

I took sniffer traces and could see evolution was connecting to the right server. Please let me know if there is any debug code I can run to help! Eventually, I think that Bug #209438, #207723 and #225986 are actually the same (duplicates). The GardenWorld sample Database running well.

UnSandpiper (aybora) wrote on 2008-10-28: #40 I absolutely agree with Johnny Delay. GNOME Bug Tracker #498099 GNOME Bug Tracker #522277 URL: The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. I know it isn't the server, because it works in Firefox and Lenny. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks again If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: goran djermanovic - 2011-10-08 I have Ubuntu 11.04 Add tags Tag help Michael Carpenter (mcarpent) wrote on 2008-03-27: #1 Evolution Debug Log Edit (701 bytes, text/plain) Michael Carpenter (mcarpent) wrote on 2008-03-27: #2 Forgot to add, this is the era (era) wrote on 2009-01-23: #130 oss_test_launchpad: as long as the bug is in "new" / "incomplete" it cannot meaningfully be communicated upstream. Comment 12 Milan Crha 2016-01-28 04:04:17 EST (In reply to dac.override from comment #11) > The account seems to be configured properly, but i to be sure i re-did it a

None, the status of the bug is updated manually. weblink I have it installed, and I get to it by pointing my browser to :8080, and I get there and can log in. Unfortunately, because it makes ubuntu useless for me. No idea why really.

invalid source con nokia lumia 630. Debian bug tracking system administrator . None, the status of the bug is updated manually. Now I keep getting requests for password while trying to connect, and "Exchange is offline, cannot display folders" while trying to edit the account." I get repeated footer errors "Error while

That makes me sad! Why do we use the Electron Volt? Today I actually needed to find something, so I searched first in 'current folder', without problems, and then in 'current account'.

The Evolution Error Loading Calendar Invalid Source error is the Hexadecimal format of the error caused.

got me going in the right direction too. Could this be an X issue? I took the easy way out by forcing a downgrade of evolution-exchange while the 'not working' mail profile was still in evolution. What do you mean you can't create a new account?

The only thing visible is it's one (or more) of your CalDAV calendars. I hit authenticate and it worked, then saved it, re-enabled the check box for the account and it seemed to work. Still trying to figure this out, tried creating a IMAP connection and was able to get mail. You can get evolution-ews packaged for ubuntu from my PPA repository (ppa:phurley/ppa) or go here learn how to add this PPA and check the signing key.

It even pulled the names of the address books, however I get the "Cannot get book from factory: Invalid source" error whenever it tries to access them, either via the Contacts An incomplete installation, an incomplete uninstall, improper deletion of applications or hardware. I don't know the bug number for that one. I cannot keep encouraging users to switch while this major problem exists!.

On a different note. But in my case it's erratic. Applies to: This article applies to SAP BI 7.0. … characters, and presence of any small letters or special characters in the source data will result into error. I started evolution with the --debug switch and what I got is here..

I'm not into linux/C(++)/apt yet, but maybe there is a conversion issue, together with creating a new empty exchange profile over here. I tried the installation again Adempiere 370LTS in MacOS Lion - PostgresSQL 9 The seed for Adempiere 370LTS was created based on PostgresSQL 9 here can see successful result: kind regards Every time I attempt to go through the wizard it complains I cannot be authenticated. Needless to say, OWA it works just fine using Firefox.

It's Bug #518920. I am now unable to set up an exchange account. Mike mnk0 (samad-omar) wrote on 2008-11-11: #48 Yeah try it out I've been gettin my calendar fine through the imap plugin Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device -----Original Message----- From: Mike Thought maybe it could have been a config error, so I got rid of ~/.evolution, but now I can't even create an exchange account.

Subscribing... Ian Ohr (munk3h) wrote on 2006-10-31: #15 I am suffering the same problem with evolution 2.8 on Edgy, obviously I'm connecting to an exchange server. On a different note. times N) Jan 28 10:27:32 void kernel: perf interrupt took too long (2540 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 50000 Jan 28 10:27:33 void org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.Calendar7[2724]: (evolution-calendar-factory-subprocess:3106): libsoup-WARNING **: SoupMessage 0x7ff3a400c8c0 stuck in

Now it can't connect to the backend at all. Thought maybe it could have been a config error, so I got rid of ~/.evolution, but now I can't even create an exchange account. They range from not being able to authenticate to me not > having a mailbox on the system. > > Needless to say, OWA it works just fine using Firefox. > Comment 2 Milan Crha 2016-01-19 11:48:39 EST Thanks for a bug report.