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Many Linux distributions now use NM to manage their connections, and if it's installed Evolution will use it to detect if the network is up. Now restart Evolution and check the dictionaries list, it should be updated correctly. The whole folder tree can move with just one drag and drop action. That gives me a better idea of what is going on.

Interoperability Questions regarding where Evolution stores its data and how to backup Evolution, importing and exporting data from/to other programs, syncing data between Evolution and handheld devices/PDAs, and also desktop integration You can also find a script for exporting mail from kmail to Evolution at Click "Message | Forward as..." and choose "Attachment", so the forwarded email and its attachments gets attached to your email. The message does contain a calendar, but the calendar contains no events, tasks or free/busy information.", you should disable the "Itip Formatter" plugin by going to "Edit | Plugins".

From 2.12 onwards, Folder->Refresh or F5 does the job. You must set up an email account when you start Evolution for the first time, it is not possible to only use the calendar, tasks and/or contacts, and it is not Make sure that both in Evolution and on your system, the timezone has been set properly.

Note that this is not recommended. Releases and Downloads Which Evolution version should I use? Sometimes you want to make sure the local cache for a folder is in synch with the version on the mail server. How can I access my GMail POP account?

Cambridge University Press. If you use Mozilla or Firefox, we recommend to get the Mozex extension at After that, run gconftool-2 --unset /GNOME/Spell/mtime. Spam/Junk Does Evolution support spam checking?

Can I set up a whitelist filter on my own? Does homebrewed beer have a "Golden Age"? In Apple Labs Review.McCarthy, J., Wright, P., Wallace, J. & Dearden, A. (2005) The Experience of Enchantment in Human-Computer Interaction. You can also use the Evolution Brutus Plugin at

I think those servers just are often slow to respond. EXPLORE UX JOBSBROWSE JOBS Employer Login POST A JOB FOR FREE Subscribe to updates EVENTSSUBMIT AN EVENT ABOUT ArticlesExploreMost PopularReviewsShort NewsThe Business of UXEventsConferencesMeet-UpsClassesTalksWorkshopsSubmit an EventUX JobsSearch JobsPost a Job for In an document, hit F4 to open the Data Sources window and you should see your contacts, now select and drag them into your document. Advanced users may also be interested in the explanation how to keep the Evolution filters in sync on multiple machines by Thomas Vander Stichele.

For developers only: There is a branch named "webkit" in Evolution's code repository to try out and your feedback is welcome. Spam/Junk Does Evolution support spam checking? For your interest, this is filed as As a side effect of removing the summary, you will lose locally stored mail labels. You can also export to a csv file in Outlook and then use the csv2vcard utility that is shipped with Evolution.

Instead of people saying ‘I’m sick of Firefox crashing’ they will say ‘I’m sick of the [insert metaphor we select here]’”Evidence for users becoming sick of the metaphor certainly exists for A utility to convert NK2 files to CSV format is available at Since what you provided was so vague, I'd suggest checking all your settings. You can make GPG automatically download and add unknown GPG/PGP keys of received messages by adding the following two lines to the file $HOME/.gnupg/gpg.conf: keyserver hkp:// keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve The actual link

Why cannot I open an encrypted message sent by myself? Import those settings by running gconftool-2 --load some-file.xml Log in to gnome again How can I set the default browser in Evolution? Timing attack and good coding practices Cryptic Clue Guide Single adjective meaning "does not use much energy" What do each of the point-based upgrades do?


Related bug reports are and An unofficial Evolution 2.28 binary for 32-bit Windows is available at Where can I get Evolution for Sun(R,TM,C,whatever) Solaris(R,TM,C,whatever)? Please try the request again. How can I import my emails from KMail to Evolution?

Managing GPG/PGP is beyond the scope of Evolution. Simply running evolution-addressbook-export does not work, you have to enter/go to the directory first where evolution-addressbook-export is located. In Evolution, go to "Edit -> Plugins" and make sure that the plugin "GroupWise Account setup" is enabled. his comment is here Start evolution again and go to edit->prefs->certificates->import.

I've looked for that persons contact and it does not contain "; Something I left out: It says at the top "Error while Sending Message" I've checked the outboxes and can't Comment * Because of problems with spam comments, HTML in comments is not permitted. How can I use local folders of Evolution with other Mail User Agents (MUAs) How can I completely backup evolution? How can I search for emails with an explicit type of attachment (e.g.

Make sure Evolution and Gconf were shutdown before (see above). It is not embedded in the header/footer of the email because Inline PGP is currently not supported by Evolution, but Matt Brown is working on this currently. How Mature is Your Organization when it Comes to UX? Why is Evolution offline when my net connection is working?

Research carefully what kind of social reaction users will have to the particular failure, and decide whether the evocation of a highly social response is a desirable branding opportunity, or a In Evolution 2.4 or later, there should be a menu item called "Subscribe to other user's Calendar", under the "File" option in the Calendar component. How can I set/change the default signature? How I can update/refresh Search folders (formerly called "vFolders")?

Thanks Izzy for all of your suggestions. –Josh Schechter Feb 20 at 15:55 | show 1 more comment active oldest votes Know someone who can answer? Some possible reasons: You use filters on incoming (or outgoing) messages that move your messages automatically to another destination. If you use another email client as well as Evo, you may have created a physical Trash folder to hold deleted mail. How to set up the Foreign Trader option Changing Tax Systems In Sage Pastel Partner Year End Procedure - Sage Pastel Partner / Xpress Top Rated Error "Evolve AnyWhereServ Cx00000: Insufficient

This limitation has been removed in Evolution 2.12 and later version. On IMAP servers, Evolution moves messages by copying and deleting (IMAP has no "move" operation). Why does the Calendar (Addressbook, etc) not show up properly after I compiled Evolution myself? Why do I have two Trash folders for the same account?

To generally get started with GnuPG, check the documentation on or grab a book about that. Error storing `~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox (mbox)': Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync.". Evolution Brutus supports complete access to your Exchange mail, calendar and tasks. The foo file contains only messages.