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Extension Mobility (7) Unknown Error


To use the Extension Mobility service, create a device profile for the user who is logging in and for the target device. Make sure that your CallManager server meets the minimum hardware requirements when you upgrade to higher version. Make sure that the URL matches this one: http:///emapp/EMAppServlet ?device=#DEVICENAME# Login unsuccessful Error:[6] Problem—When the Extension Mobility (EM) service was launched on the IP phone, theIP phone displays: Login unsuccessful Error:[6]. Complete these steps to delete the existing Virtual Directory. his comment is here

Refer to Setting the Service Parameters, page3-23. Problem-Login is unavailable(213) Extension Mobility is configured between two clusters. Problem: The user is unable to login to a phone, and receives a Login unsuccessful [9] error message when trying to login using Extension Mobility. The trigger name and URL in Cisco CallManager must match exactly.

Extension Mobility Error 201

The XML input gets submitted via an HTTP POST. Note: If the issue started to occur after a Cisco CallManager upgrade, refer to Cisco bug ID CSCdz60740 (registered customers only) . The User Device Profile is the template that is applied to a phone when the user logs in. Directory Service Error Action The LDAP Directory has a problem.

Also, change the Extension Mobility Service Parameter Multiple Login Behavior to Multiple Login's Not Allowed and restart the Extension Mobility Service. Make sure that the URL is correct and complete. Solution:This error occurs when the User Device Profile is improperly configured. Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (25) Set the username to CCMEML.

Complete these steps to change the CCMSysUser password. Solution: The Virtual Directory can be recreated with these steps. Make sure it points to the right IP address (CRA server) and port 8080. Common Problems When a user reverts back to default profile, services are no longer available.

Click Edit under Anonymous Access. Cisco Extension Mobility Login Verify the username / password in your directory. Resolution:- Error:-After performing a login or logout, the user finds that the phone resets instead of restarting. This is located under Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (22)

Solution: Reselect the services on the phone and update the phone page. More hints Replace the existing form.jsp with form.jsp. Extension Mobility Error 201 See the "Setting the Service Parameters" section on page3-23. Extension Mobility Url This error is displayed when the device or phone load does not support EMCC (for example, non-supported phone models and supported phone models with an older phone load).

Problem: The phone uses DNS to resolve the Cisco CallManager name. this content For example, the URL is case-sensitive; make sure that you enter the name exactly as described. Go to User Management, select Application User, and unassociate it. The name of the device template for the 7940 must exist and have the exact name of the template when the server is installed. Cisco Extension Mobility Host Not Found

In the LDAP Directory Administration, verify that the user's Owner field is in Userid format, not full name format. could some one experienced this in past and has any resolution. Line appearances, speed dials, services, and message waiting indicator (MWI) information are present on the phone upon log in, as if the phone is assigned to the user. weblink This article contains information that shows you how to fix Extension Mobility Error both (manually) and (automatically) , In addition, this article will help you troubleshoot some common error messages related

Solution: In DC Directory Administration, go to > CCN > systemProfiles. Extension Mobility User Locked 214 Check the application user ID in Cisco CallManager has Enable Authentication Proxy Rights selected. Verify the IP address in the URL field.

Problem Here are some of the common issues that you can face when you use the Extension Mobility.

HTTP Error Action You may not have configured the proxy settings properly for Internet Explorer on the Cisco Customer Response Application (CiscoCRA) Engine. This issue can also occur if there is no device profile associated with the user that attempts to login. If this is the case, try to disable it. Extension Mobility Error 23 Choose the directlry number, and click Find.

However, when logging in with a remote cluster UserID, you receive this error message: Login is unavailable(213). Once the UserID/Password is entered, the information is sent to the application in the form of a new /login trigger that contains the UserID/Password. Device Profiles Device profiles act as the basic unit of transaction for the Extension Mobility service. check over here Problem: When integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, the base context for the applications engine is incorrect.

Cisco CallManager Extended Services Administrator Guide Troubleshooting Cisco CallManager Extended Services Cisco CallManager Extended Services Administrator Guide Index Preface Understanding Cisco CallManager Extended Services Installing Cisco CallManager Extended Services Configuring Cisco The issue is only in the Publisher. If you migrated the CiscoCallManager from version 2.4, a possible schema issue exists. Resolution:- Error[201]-Authentication error Resolution:- Error [22]-Dev.logon disabled Resolution:- Error [205]-User Profile Absent Resolution:- Error [208]-EMService Conn.

Error: "Update failed. Problem: After the services are added to the phone, the Update button is not pressed and the AutoGenerated Default profile is out of sync with the phone. Action 1. Verify the IP address in the URL field.

Extension Mobility Extension Mobility does not work after the Cisco CallManager 8.6 upgrade. Solution: This is normally a directory integration error. An administrator must turn it on. 30 Proxy not allowed Log in or Log out using a proxy server is not allowed. Check the registry entry for Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems Inc.\Directory Configuration\AppUsers\CCMSysUser.

Under Select a property to view, select the ciscoatGUID. Solution:This error occurs if the URL for the Cisco Extension Mobility service does not include the last parameter (shown in bold): http:///emapp/EMAppServlet ?device=#DEVICENAME# specifies the IP address of the Cisco Right-click and select My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables. When the phone requests its configuration file, the file now contains the device profile for this user's phone.

The Unified CM support for the Extension Mobility service comprises the Extension Mobility Application (EMApp) and the Extension Mobility Service (EMService) modules.