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Extension Mobility Error 201


The /LoginService then fires off a DBL notification to restart the affected device to get the new profile. Device profiles include device type, user locale, phone button template, softkey template and multilevel precedence and preemption (MLPP) information. If this file is absent or not populated in any of the servers in the cluster, the login fails. Problem: The phone is attacked by the Code Red Virus and the HTTP services no longer function. his comment is here

When an attempt is made to add the phone back with the EM option along with "Log Out Profile" checked, it may give this error message: Update failed. The file SEP000011112222.cnf is generated based on the ADP000011112222.cnf file. Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. When we convert the LDAP user to local user , we can able to login without any issues.

Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (22)

Login Call Flows The /LoginService performs many tasks to make Extension Mobility work. Clear the current value present for the ciscoAtGUID attribute. Try login to EM.Error:- Login is unavailable(213)Resolution:-This error comes when the device or phone load does not support EMCC (eg. This issue can also occur if there is no device profile associated with the user that attempts to login.

Solution:This error occurs if the URL for the Cisco Extension Mobility service is not entered correctly in the IP phone service parameter. Problem: The User Profile did not have any services associated with it when loaded on the phone. Solution : - Check that the Cisco Tomcat service is running by choosing Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > Control Center—Network Services Go to System > Enterprise Parameters. Cisco Extension Mobility Host Not Found Register adsiedit.dll by running regsvr32.exe c:\adsi\adsiedit.dll after the c:\winnt\system32 command prompt.

Resolution:- Error:-After performing a login or logout, the user finds that the phone resets instead of restarting. Login unsuccessful error: [11] Login unsuccessful Error:[6] Unable to apply the Extension Mobility feature to an IP phone and receive the error "Already logged in to another phone" Error: "Update failed. So, for the company, the base context is ou=cisco, dc=cisco, dc=mycompany, dc=com (change the mycompany entry to the site specific name). Error:-[6]-Database Error Resolution:-   Check whether a large number of requests exists If large number of requests exists, the Requests In Progress counter in the Extension Mobility object counter specifies a

IP Phones Stuck in "Registering" or "Configuring IP" Status After Log Out If the IP phone stays in Registering or Configuring IP status after the user logs out of Extension Mobility, Extension Mobility Error 23 Issues :- When you click on Services, it says Host Not Found. Stop/start the TFTP, Internet Information Server (IIS), and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) services and reboot the phones for the change to take affect. Solution: Error 6 indicates an error when communicating with the database.

Extension Mobility Service Url

If login/logout is defined for the phone device, those services are presented. Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column" "Warning 7" Appears During Login to Extension Mobility IP Phone Extension Mobility Access is Slow IP Phones Stuck Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (22) After "login" or "logout" is selected, nothing happens. Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (25) After the device name is retrieved, the /logout script sends an HTTP request to the publisher Cisco CallManager /LoginService to perform the appropriate DBL operations for logout.

The Find and List Actively Logged In Device window appears. this content When the user logs into the phone, these operations take place. Services return HTTP [8] error. "Login Unsuccessful:[101]" error returned on login. If login/logout is defined for the phone device, those services are presented. Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (23)

Solution: Low memory resource on the Callmanager could cause this issue. Error [208]-EMService Conn. This shows the IP phone to which the user is logged into and, once you find the phone, you can also log off the user from the phone itself. This will log out all the users that currently use Extension Mobility.

Complete these steps to clean up the directory. Extension Mobility Error 25 Make sure the C:\dcdsrvr\DirectoryConfiguration.ini file is populated and that this file is identical on all the Cisco CallManager servers in the cluster. If the device name is not presented during the /login request, the /login script discovers the device name by querying \\ip_addr\DeviceInformationX and extracting the Hostname field.

No Results when Searching the DN Assigned to the Device Profile When an Extension Mobility user logs into a phone, searching the directory number (DN) assigned to the device profile yields

After the username and password are entered, the phone returns to the login screen. Check all the User Device Profile settings, and ensure that there is a properly specified device profile, and a correct association with the user profile. Right-click the object, and choose Properties. Extension Mobility User Locked 214 The problem is a more generic authentication issue.

Note:The trigger name and URL are case sensitive. After the user name and password are entered, the phone displays "authentication error". Go to Certificat managent under security2. Here is a nice troubleshooting technote for Extension Mobility from Cisco Documentation : … Extention Mobility CUCM: Error Host Not Found.