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Extension Mobility Error Code 7


The default value is 30. No Results when Searching the DN Assigned to the Device Profile When an Extension Mobility user logs into a phone, searching the directory number (DN) assigned to the device profile yields Check the URL services, and if it is set to the CallManager Server name, replace the CallManager Server name with the IP address as shown in this example. An EMCC RSVP SIP trunk is a SIP trunk that has Cisco Extension Mobility Cross Cluster configured as the Trunk Service Type and that has been selected as the SIP Trunk weblink

The userid of the Extension Mobility user logged in is shown as None. Click Update. Step 5   Click Submit. An expired EMCC device is a device that logged in to EMCC from a remote cluster, but that, because of a WAN failure or a connectivity issue, the phone logged out

Extension Mobility Error Codes

Check the registry entry for Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems Inc.\Directory Configuration\AppUsers\CCMSysUser. Login unsuccessful Error [12] Users are unable to log in to Extension Mobility and receive the "login unsuccessful error: [3]" or "error: [10]" or "error: [2]" after installing the Active Directory The profile can be used for both user login and the default (base) configuration for a phone.

After a user logs in, the phone does not have any services. However, the device profiles are not associated with a physical phone. Solution: Enable Microsoft IIS to control the password for anonymous devices. Cisco Extension Mobility Host Not Found Configure Extension Mobility Cross Cluster Devices and Templates Procedure Command or ActionPurposeStep 1Create a Common Device Configuration  Configure a common device configuration to specify the services or features that will be associated with

Multilevel Precedence and Preemption MLPP Domain If this user device profile will be used for MLPP precedence calls, choose the MLLP Domain from the drop-down list box. Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (22) Problem Cisco Extension Mobility Cross Cluster restriction is not happeneing while a user of different Profile is logged in to a different cluster. What to Do NextConfigure a Device Profile for Extension Mobility Cross Cluster

Configure a Device Profile for Extension Mobility Cross Cluster Create a device profile to map settings onto a Step 3   For this device, check the Enable Extension Mobility check box in the Extension Information pane.

The error can occur because of a failure to connect to the database during startup. 211 Login is unavailable(211) Logout is unavailable(211) EMCC Not Activated Occurs when the PSTN is not Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (23) XML Error [4] Parse Error is returned when selecting the login service. Profile not found No device profile is associated with the remote user. 18 Login is unavailable(18) Another user logged in Another user is already logged in on the phone. 19 Logout After username and password are entered, system generates "LoginServer Conn.

Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (22)

Also, ensure that voice VLAN is configured correctly. Check if the users have device profiles associated with them under the User Configuration > Extension Mobility page. Extension Mobility Error Codes Solution This issue occurs when the mobile connect user ID is missing and you try to get the mobile connect feature for the extension mobility user. Extension Mobility Login Is Unavailable (25) If the extension mobility service on cluster A does not receive a reply from a remote cluster (such as cluster B) for this update, the Remote Cluster window for cluster A shows that the

Choose Tools > Control Center - Feature Services and choose the service in order to restart the Cisco Extension Mobility service. Solution: Low memory resource on the Callmanager could cause this issue. Enable Extension Mobility Cross Cluster for a User Before You BeginConfigure a Device Profile for Extension Mobility Cross Cluster ProcedureStep 1   From Cisco Unified CM Administration, choose User Management > End User. Once updated, the user gets the logout service. 'Host not found' Error in IP Phone Problem: The IP phone displays the "Host not found" error when the Services button is pressed. Extension Mobility Url

After a user logs in, the phone does not have any services. Jul 12th, 2012 Hello,After upgrading from CUCM 7.0 to 7.1.5, our extension mobility application started to get this error:Failure submitting logout request: Timer already cancelled.We have 1 Publisher and Do Not Disturb Check this check box to enable Do Not Disturb. All rights reserved.

When connectivity was restored, the device logged back into the visiting cluster. Extension Mobility Error 25 If login fails, then the problem is not related to Extension Mobility. You can now reset or add a password for this user.

The home administrator specifies this CSS, which gets used as the device CSS that gets assigned to the phone when the user logs in to this remote phone.

The file SEP000011112222.cnf is generated based on the ADP000011112222.cnf file. For example, the URL is case-sensitive; make sure that you enter the name exactly as described. Click Login. Extension Mobility Error 23 Login and Logout are successful but experiences a significant delay.

It then performs an authentication to the DC Directory (locally) for the UserID/Password to verify the user. When the user logs into the phone, these operations take place. Solution You need to set Enable Logical Partitioning = True in order to resolve this issue. this content The user can access this profile through the Cisco CallManager User page, add services, and speed dial in the same manner as a regular phone.