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Family Tree Maker Sync Failed


That is one of the major reasons that this platform exists. I consider myself just okay; nothing Super but better than some. Powered by Blogger. Additionally, the more media you have in your tree, the longer it will take to complete synchronization.

Most people were nice enough, but I did get one guy who treated me like I was just stupid. FTM 2012 tries, downloads the changed data, shows a summary to me, attempts to process it and then shows this error: "An error has occurred while synchronizing this tree. Windows 7 In the Windows Start menu, click on Computer. A lot of people seem to be having problems syncing at the moment.

Family Tree Maker 2012 Sync Error

One problem with file names is "illegal characters". You're right - a more descriptive name would be helpful in communicating what the purpose of the group actually is. Reply Tim McBride says 29 Sep 2013 at 8:31 PM I have been using FTMM2 (or, at least trying to!) since February 2013.

Andevery timeI called tech support, I have always talked to a very friendly consultant who would love to be helpful, but had no idea how to deal with the on-going sync Mai 2015Southport, North Carolina, Vereinigte Staaten