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Try again with a shorter password. 0x80200027 -2145386457 BG E INVALID AUTH TARGET The authentication target specified in the credentials is not defined. 0x80200028 -2145386456 BG E INVALID AUTH SCHEME The ERROR BAD DRIVER LEVEL 120 0x80070078 This function is not supported on this system. Please try to save this file elsewhere. For ex, if the proxy server is set to http://foo/bar/proxy.pac, this error will be seen.

ERROR FILE NOT FOUND 3 0x80070003 The system cannot find the path specified. ERROR PIPE LISTENING 537 0x80070219 Application verifier has found an error in the current process. ERROR NOT ENOUGH MEMORY 8 (0x8) Not enough storage is available to process this command. ERROR PNP BAD MPS TABLE 672 0x800702A0 A translator failed to translate resources.

ERROR SIGNAL REFUSED 157 0x8007009D The segment is already discarded and cannot be locked. You can use it complete your programs in just several minutes. Images may be subject to copyright. If joining a domain, go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again.

ERROR DISK TOO FRAGMENTED 302 (0x12E) The volume is too fragmented to complete this operation. ERROR DYNLINK FROM INVALID RING 196 (0xC4) The operating system cannot run this application program. ERROR TOO MANY SEMAPHORES 101 0x80070065 The exclusive semaphore is owned by another process. Remove any disks from the floppy disk drives and choose OK to restart your computer.

ERROR SYSTEM POWERSTATE COMPLEX TRANSITION 784 0x80070310 A thread is getting dispatched with MCA EXCEPTION because of MCA. BITS puts the job in TRANSIENT ERROR with the same error code. ERROR PROC NOT FOUND 128 0x80070080 There are no child processes to wait for. ERROR DUP NAME 52 (0x34) You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network.

The remaining data will be sent later. ERROR MORE DATA 240 0x800700F0 The session was canceled. ERROR OUTOFMEMORY 14 (0xE) Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. ERROR BAD NET NAME 68 0x80070044 The name limit for the local computer network adapter card was exceeded.

ERROR SEEK 26 0x8007001A The specified disk or diskette cannot be accessed. ERROR INVALID SEGMENT NUMBER 182 0x800700B6 The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR SYSTEM PROCESS TERMINATED 592 0x80070250 {Data Not Accepted} The TDI client could not handle the data received during an indication. ERROR SCOPE NOT FOUND 350 0x8007015E No action was taken as a system reboot is required.

The authors of this website are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the third-party trade mark or third-party registered trade mark owners, and make no representations about them, their When a warning message appears that you are uninstalling a device from your system, click OK. Please choose a longer password. ERROR SHARING VIOLATION 33 0x80070021 The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.

ERROR INVALID ADDRESS 500 0x800701F4 User profile cannot be loaded. ERROR TIMER RESUME IGNORED 723 0x800702D3 The arbiter has deferred arbitration of these resources to its parent ERROR ARBITRATION UNHANDLED 724 0x800702D4 The inserted CardBus device cannot be started because of You can choose to replace the High Encryption security file with the updated Standard Encryption security file now. 0x8007f07f -2146963329 STR UNINST HOTFIX "Hotfixes have been found on your system. ERROR PROCESS MODE NOT BACKGROUND 403 (0x193) The process is not in background processing mode.

ERROR MCA OCCURED 652 0x8007028C There was error [%2] processing the driver database. ERROR MISSING SYSTEMFILE574 0x8007023E {Application Error} The exception %s (0x%08lx) occurred in the application at location 0x%08lx. If Windows still cannot find the network path, contact your network administrator.

The system has been shut down.

To upload files to the virtual directory, disable the scripting and execute permissions on the virtual directory. 0x80200024 -2145386460 BG E No Progress BITS The job is not making headway. ERROR SET POWER STATE VETOED 1141 0x80070475 The system BIOS failed an attempt to change the system power state. Revert to self-contained package. 0x8007f220 -2146962912 STATUS CONTINUE INVENTORY error codes should not be returned out of update.exe 0x8007f221 -2146962911 ERROR INDEXFILE NOT FOUND error codes should not be returned out ERROR BAD DEV TYPE 67 0x80070043 The network name cannot be found.

Download Windows Error Repair Tool *Size : 4.5 MB Estimated Download Time <60 Seconds on BroadBand Please follow the 3 steps below: (Download Error Repair Tool). ERROR NOT SAME DEVICE 17 (0x11) The system cannot move the file to a different disk drive. Our customer review : Review by : Reginald Oliver This optimized my pc towards the highest level. ERROR INVALID LDT OFFSET 564 0x80070234 Indicates that the user supplied an invalid descriptor when trying to set up Ldt descriptors.

This job might exceed a job size limit set by the server administrator. ERROR CANNOT MAKE 82 (0x52) The directory or file cannot be created.